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Stay tuned: Sonicwall's 2021 MidYear Cyber Threat report

With more than 1.1 M security devices spread worldwide and actively sending cyberattacks information to their Capture Security Labs, SonicWall manages one of the richest sources of information on attempted attacks that they regularly share with the Cybersecurity community. 🌐

I covered in a recent LinkedIn post the most relevant findings of their 2021 Mid Year Cyber Threat Report related to Ransomware, and today I will discuss the other attack vectors. 🔫

MALWARE falls for the second consecutive year. A 22% down doesn't mean less cybercrime, but the evolution to more specialized, sophisticated, and targetted attacks. 🎯

ZERO-DAYS detected by Sonicwall's RTDMI (Real Time Deep Memory Inspection) increase by 54%, including never-seen-before threats that hide its weaponry by encryption. 🧩

MALICIOUS FILES dropped for the first time since 2018. Office ones did it by 54%, and PDF ones by 13%. 📂

IoT ATTACKS rose 59% overall, with increases of 113% in Europe and 190% in Asia. With 41 Billion devices projected for 2027, IoT has the potential to become one of the highest-concern vectors.📈

NON STANDARD PORTS fell to 21% for the first quarter and 13% for the second, down from a peak of 46% in July 2020.

SonicWall provides free access to their Capture Labs Portal ⚙️, where you can get in near real time:

🤓 latest security news, CVE lists and threat analytics by vector.

🤓 reputation lookup tools to gauge the safety of URL's and IP addressess.

🤓 research Sonicwalls product advisory databases and report vulnerabilities online

Is your organization considering the IoT risk to the right proportion? 🤔

How long does it take you to identity never seen before threats, after they are launched? 🤔

You can find here the links to Sonicwall Capture Labs Portal and to the 2021 MidYear Cyber Threat report

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