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Meet the team

Juanjo Martinez
  • LinkedIn - círculo blanco


CISO Advisor

Founder of ThousandGuards.

 CISO Advisor, Focused on identifying disruptive niche cybersecurity solutions and bringing them to the Enterprise-grade customers 

Juanjo Martínez Pagan. CISO advisor.
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  • LinkedIn - círculo blanco
Gabriella Di Domizio. Business consultant.
Gabriella di Domizio
  • LinkedIn - círculo blanco
Business Development Director


Cybersecurity and Business Consultant. Focused on developing and executing GoToMarket plans for Cybersecurity Startups.

Raúl Bretón. SOC expert.
Raúl Bretón
  • LinkedIn - círculo blanco
Technical Director


Cybersecurity Consultant and Operations Leader. Focused on SOC process efficiency, automation and Machine Learning

Roberto Carlos Pérez. SOC expert.
Roberto Carlos Pérez
  • LinkedIn - círculo blanco
Principal Cybersecurity Consultant


Focused on SOC Operational Process Optimization, Automation, Compliance, Cloud and Network Secuity. Course Trainer

Alfonso Galán. Cybersecurity architect.
Alfonso Galán
  • LinkedIn - círculo blanco
Cybersecurity Consultant


Focused on Cybersecurity Architecture, Integration and Deployment of Cybersecurity Solutions. DevOps.

Javier Conejo
  • LinkedIn - círculo blanco
Cybersecurity Content Creator


Focused on writing engaging multiplatform copy that helps to tell the story of cybersecurity 

solutions, one at a time.

Javier Andrés Santamarina.jpg
Javier Andrés Santamarina
  • LinkedIn - círculo blanco
Cybersecurity business specialist


Focused on helping customers to identify and purchase innovative cybersecurity solutions that make it easier to address complex cybersecurity challenges.

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