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Privacy Policy


Our organization respects and fulfils the fundamental right to privacy. We proactively protect personal data.

• Personal data are the property of the individual concerned By providing them you lend them to us, and our undertaking is to process them in a legal, loyal and transparent and, above all, confidential manner.

• We process your data in conditions of equality, with no discrimination or distinction whatsoever for reasons of race, color, sex, language, religion, political opinion, national or social origin, economic position, birth or any other condition, and no matter what the legal or international status of the country or territory on whose jurisdiction you depend.

At our organization, we always enable your access to and control of your personal data. We want to be your trusted organization with respect to privacy.

Data controller

PJ3 Comercio Agil, SL (ThousandGuards) is the holder of the web page, and our tax identification number is ESB85546752. We have our registered address at c/ Carabela nº 31 28042 Madrid ES.

Contact address.

The Legal Notice gives all addresses of persons or bodies with related and assigned functions in matters of privacy:

Data privacy controller:  Paloma Senosiain Rodriguez.


The Legal Notice contains all the addresses of the persons or bodies with functions.

Our records of processing activities


PURPOSE: For what purpose will ThousandGuards process the user's personal data and for how long?

The personal data collected will be processed by ThousandGuards according to the following purposes:

  • Manage your contact requests with ThousandGuards through the channels provided for this purpose on the ThousandGuards Website.

  • Manage purchases made within the framework of the Website, including the management of payment and the submission of the order.

  • Contact the User to finalize the order if he has saved his shopping cart or has saved products in his shopping cart without completing the payment process.

  • Manage the subscription to the newsletter, made through the channel provided on the ThousandGuards Website.

  • Conduct analyses on the use of the Website and check the preferences and behavior of users.

  • Manage the sending of commercial communications about products and services of ThousandGuards, unless the user indicates otherwise by checking the corresponding box or shows his opposition to such treatment.

  • Send commercial communications (offers, promotions, etc.) to the user by electronic and / or conventional means about products and services of third companies with which ThousandGuards collaborates if the user gives his consent to do so by checking the corresponding box.

  • Manage the sending of satisfaction surveys based on the purchase of ThousandGuard’s represented companies’ products or services made to improve the experience of our customers day by day.

The data will be kept for the time necessary to carry out the purposes for which they were collected and during the limitation period of the legal actions that may arise from it. However, the user can request their withdrawal from ThousandGuards, opposing, revoking his consent, and even requesting the deletion of their data.

DATA CATEGORIES: What user data will ThousandGuards process?


ThousandGuards will process the following categories of data:

  • Identification data: name, surname, national identity document or foreigner's identity number and image.

  • Contact details: home, landline, mobile phone, email address.

  • Personal characteristics data: date of birth, age, sex, nationality.

  • Bank details: account number, holder, SEPA mandate.

  • Other data: data provided by the interested parties themselves in the open fields of the forms provided on the Website.

  • Navigation data.

LEGAL BASIS OF THE TREATMENTS: What is the legitimacy of the processing of your data?

  • The processing of data from the Website is necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes arising between the user and ThousandGuards.

  • The processing of your data for marketing purposes, relating to ThousandGuards' own goods and services and similar services for its customers, will be based on consent. And failing this, it may be based on legitimate interest when there is a contractual relationship or pre-contractual request.

  • The processing of data for statistical purposes will be based on legitimate interest as long as the data is not transferred to third parties in a non-anonymized way. In the event that they are transferred to third parties or technologies of data processors are used that can use the data for themselves or for other third parties, it will necessarily be based on consent.

  • The sending of commercial communications from third parties with which ThousandGuards collaborates is based on the user's consent.

  • We have made an effort to minimize the processing of personal data by applying the principle of minimization of processing.

  • The withdrawal of consent to any of the treatments will not affect the legality of the treatments conducted previously.

To revoke consent or exercise rights, the User may contact ThousandGuards by: Letter addressed to the Privacy Officer of ThousandGuards at the address indicated in our Legal Notice or by email addressed to

RECIPIENTS OF YOUR DATA: With which recipients will the user's data will be shared? 

The user's data may be communicated to:

  • Public Administrations and competent national and/or European authorities, in the cases provided for by Law.

  • Our data processors such as our accounting, financial and administrative advisors. Also, the labor consultants and the banking entities with which we collaborate, as well as our managers for the maintenance of our equipment and computer systems as well as those of information security.

In any case, all data processing will always be carried out in compliance with legal obligations and in accordance with the purposes and legal bases indicated above. These suppliers will not process your data for their own purposes that have not been previously informed by ThousandGuards..
The recipients indicated in this section may be located inside or outside the European Union, in the latter case being duly legitimized international data transfers.

What rights do you have?

Your personal data is YOURS, you lend it to us and we store and process it because you want it or instead, because we have a contractual obligation, or a legal obligation, or a public interest to satisfy, or a legitimate interest that in no case will prevail over your right to privacy. Consequently


  • Request access to your personal data whenever you want to know which data are stored, their categories, their lawful basis, the purposes of their processing, the processing activities carried out, if we have sold, disclosed, transferred, rented or shared them, who has received them, and our data sources. The information included in the records of processing activities gives you many of these details, including the recipients of your data in the last twelve months. You can also ask the Data Controller for explanations of the privacy policy or notice, and any other essential aspect regarding the way we store and process your personal data.

  • Tell us that they we have recorded them wrongly and that they contain errors, and therefore request that they be corrected and rectified.

  • Ask us to make no further processing by opposing or withdrawing your consent, and even request that we erase them; you can ask us for a copy of the data in our possession, and either keep them yourself or transfer them to another organization.

  • Limit our storage and processing operations in such a way that we process none of your personal data or those of a sensitive or special category; you can also ask us not to proceed with processing for the purposes of profiling, database combinations, mass processing or serving to make automated decisions and to limit your monitoring, including geolocation.

  • Expressly forbid us to send you advertising and to disclose, share, rent or sell your data.

  • Always remember that if you exercise your privacy rights as a user, consumer, employee or job seeker, you can never be discriminated against, have reprisals taken against you or be prevented by the holder of a web page or its data controller from accessing and remaining on the web page or from receiving products and services supplied by them.

How can you exercise these rights?

You can exercise some of these rights directly, specifically on the Records of Processing Activities of the web page Register of Consent. You can therefore exercise your right to see which of your data we have recorded and stored, to what you have given your consent and when you gave it. If you have subsequently changed or rectified your consent, or if you have opposed or restricted our processing, and if you want to transfer the data, you will receive the data in a structured format such as a .CSV file. If you would like to withdraw your consent, we will directly proceed to erase your data; you can also write to us and tell us which data are incorrect and must be rectified by us.

You can request the other personal data in our records of processing activities by sending an email or letter to the Privacy Officer, indicating the right you are exercising and your reasons for doing so. We promise to send you a reply and to fulfil your rights within the time established by the Law. If we fail to fulfil your rights, you can make a complaint to your corresponding supervisory authority (in your regular place of residence or work, or to the supervisory authority in the place of the presumed infringement). We will furnish you with the address corresponding to your place of residence. Should no such figure exist in your place of residence, we will furnish you with that of the registered address of the web editor:


Country: Spain
Data Protection Authority: Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD)
Address: C/Jorge Juan 6
28001 Madrid
Telephone no.: (+34) 91 266 35 17
Fax: (+34) 91 455 5699
Web page

If when executing our data privacy and protection policy we were to cause you any damage, you can make a complaint individually, and perhaps collectively, to the ordinary courts of your jurisdiction.

International transfers

We do not make international data transfers. This said, when we reply to your emails, we send files into the cloud or to a server or service contracted by you, which may, unawares, be sharing your personal data and authorizing Google (Gmail); Microsoft (Skype, Hotmail, Outlook); Facebook (WhatsApp); Telegram (Telegram), etc. and all of their business partners to read and store said data. We recommend that you read their privacy policies.

Child and youth protection

Our Website is directed to: All Public.

We have established a system to prevent us from collecting the data of children under the digital age of consent. If you are a parent or tutor, or educator, and you know that we have captured and stored the data of minors, please contact us in order that we may erase them. You can erase them directly from the Records of Processing Activity of our Record of Consent. However, please note that the data recorded could be recovered in the event of complaints against the web page holder or the joint controller providing the service.

We have taken preventive and additional measures in the website Record of Consent of Use. We do not, therefore, record the data of minors under the legal digital age of consent or, if applicable, of those who are of legal age to whom the web page is aimed, as regulated by the national laws of the minor’s country of residence, unless the minor makes false claims, limiting our capture to technical and security data. You can also choose to directly erase the consent, as indicated in the above paragraph.

Security incidents and breaches

We are fallible. Based on our proactive responsibility, we take all the reasonably necessary technical and organizational security measures to secure your information. This said, the Internet and the world of electronic communications is an environment of cybersecurity risk, and a human error or an error in computer coding, or simply an attack, unauthorized access, theft, or unauthorized disclosure, independently of whether it is carried out or provoked by hackers, may cause security incidents and breaches.

In such cases, please note that we are obliged to keep a record of incidents on which we enter the place, date and time when the incident was detected, the type of attack, its origin, the nature of the security infringement, and the systems, data, and equipment affected. We are obliged to solve security incidents and breaches and to note the solutions carried out in the record.

If the incidents represent a security breach that puts your rights and freedoms at risk or affects your sensitive or special category data, or if they enable the theft of your identity, or represent the risk of fraud, damage to your reputation, or loss of confidentiality of your especially protected data, we are obliged to notify the Supervisory Authorities. Should a case such as this occur, we will notify you within the legal deadline of the nature of the security breach, the interested parties affected, the data and data categories affected, the safety measures introduced to solve the incident, and the measures taken to reduce the risks to those affected. This said, if the data affected by the security breach is encrypted or coded, or if we can reasonably conclude the absence of risk, we are under no obligation to notify you. Nor are we under said obligation if we issue a public communication advising the affected parties to take their own preventive means.

Social Media

We may use social networks.

  • Facebook, Meta Platforms Social Network, Inc. 1601 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA 94025 UU). The main page is and its privacy policy can be read in Contact them at +1 (650) 543-4800. Meta Platforms Ireland Limited with registered office at 4 Grand Canal Square Grand Canal Harbour Dublin Ireland.

  • Instagram, Meta Platforms Social Network, Inc. 1601 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA 94025 UU). The main page is and its privacy policy is in Contact them at +1 (650) 543-4800. The representative in Europe is Meta Platforms Ireland Limited with registered office at 4 Grand Canal Square Grand Canal Harbour Dublin

  • Linkedin

  • Twitter

The legal base is the contractual and express consent with the Social Network.  Your days are shared voluntarily and publicly, or through your guardian or legal representative in our social network account or in the media and audiovisual networks and channels in a public and notorious way and through voluntarily shared days through forms, surveys, contests formulated by our organization, employees, sales representatives or marketing agencies.

The data you share will be recorded and stored by the social network and will identify you, your browser, your computer, and related devices. All the information you share may be captured by third parties, and Meta Platforms will process it for advertising profiling and segmentation in combination with its own or third-party databases to create new databases of potential customers, profiled for the sale or offer of segmented products and services; Your personal data may be transferred internationally. Meta Platforms may also monitor your activity when you stay on its network.

Meta Platforms treatments are especially invasive. They perform 1) TRACKING, tracking, and monitoring of individuals, their Ips, their geolocations, their actions, etc. 2) PROFILING: segmentation or profiling for personalized and behavioral advertising, 3) BEHAVIORAL ALGORITHMS. Data processing with behavioral, segmentation, and profiling algorithms. 4) USE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE for reading, storing, and extracting data for subsequent analysis of profiling, segmentation, and behavior 5) MASSIVE TREATMENT Massive data processing 6) BIG DATA: Analysis and extraction and application of behavioral and statistical algorithms on large databases 7) INTERNATIONAL ASSIGNMENTS.

It is an environment of HIGH-RISK DATA and existing DIFFICULTY OF DESTRUCTION.

In our sections, we will process your data to test and process queries, requests, suggestions, and comments; Manage company social networks; Create a community of people; promote our products and services; conduct affiliate programs and memberships; provide offers and discounts; Extract information from social networks for segmentation and profiling of users for marketing; discover trends; perform actions and measurements of our branding and reputational level; Value Contribution of our brand, services or products to the user.

The level of security of the social network is high since they have established access control and passwords, Cloud storage in a secure environment, and Restoration or backup systems. Information security systems and firewall, intrusion detection activated.

The owner of the data may exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation, and portability without limitation or qualification. In addition, the owner,  at any time, can withdraw the consent given and directly delete the information provided to the social network. You can also object to the automated processing of your data.

Contact us if you have any doubts.

We have done everything possible to make our explanations short and easy to understand. However, if the user wishes to receive additional information or if they have any questions or doubts regarding our information security and data protection practices, we invite them to contact:

Data privacy controller.

© All rights protected

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