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Legal Notice

Data of the owner of the website, its managers, and means of contact.


Owner of the website: PJ3 Comercio Agil, S.L (ThousandGuards)

Tax ID: ESB85546752

Address: c/Carabela 31. Madrid 28042. Comunidad de Madrid (ES)


Registration data: Mercantile Registry of Madrid T 25943 , F 125, S 8, H M-467607


Name and surname: Paloma Senosiain Rodriguez

Address: c/Carabela 31. Madrid 28042. Comunidad de Madrid (ES)

Phone: +34 910053999


Exemption and limitation of liability

PJ3 COMERCIO AGIL SL (ThousandGuards) accepts no liability for eventual damage caused to the visitor because of external actions or attacks which alter our web page and its computer coding. This means that having suffered an attack of this kind and without us having proof or knowledge of its occurrence, the following may be inserted: codes, scripts and programs harmful to the user in their device or system, links redirecting to the download of a virus onto the user’s device or system, or simply hacking which intercepts the information exchanged between the web page and the user, or which causes data loss or unauthorized access by third persons. If you are affected by an attack and/or security breach, we undertake to proceed as indicated by current law according to our privacy policy and information security.

If you access our web page and its services and use them free of charge, we warn you that neither the website holder, nor its DPO should this figure exist, nor their internal staff nor external professionals responsible for privacy accept liability for any damages arising from said use of the web page free of charge. The afore mentioned is independent of the nature of the damage suffered (real, consequential, business interruption, loss of profits, loss of earnings, monetary, moral, or reputational, direct or indirect, etc.)

If you access our web page and use our paying services, our liability will be exclusively limited to that established in the general conditions of contract. No further compensation will be paid, unless express agreement exists between the parties, for consequential damage, interrupted business, loss of profits, loss of earnings, monetary, moral, or reputational, direct or indirect damage, etc.

Intellectual and industrial property

This website and its pages are the intellectual and/or industrial property of their creators or, where applicable, of their assignees and/or licensees.


The holders, licensees or assignees of the intellectual property maintain a series of exploitation rights over the texts, images, icons, videos, sound files, designs, plans, maps, graphs, databases, algorithms, slogans, computer codes, etc. These rights may coexist with other industrial property exploitation rights, such as registered trademarks, commercial names, designations of origin, industrial design, patents, etc.

It is forbidden to proceed with any kind of reproduction, exploitation, copying, plagiarism, modification, communication, alteration, decompilation or distribution of intellectual and industrial property for purposes of economic exploitation without having received the express and written authorization of their holders or authorized assignees/licensees. The holders of the exploitation rights demand that such rights be upheld and warn that their infringement may be reported and, where appropriate, legally pursued, potentially leading to prison sentences, sanctions, and compensations.

If you are a consumer-user, with no economic interest whatsoever, you can use, display, print, download and store the contents and/or the elements inserted in the web page exclusively for your own personal, private, and non-lucrative use. This said, if you use the right to a private copy, note that in order not to commit an offence with respect to intellectual or industrial property rights, you must attribute the copyright, ownership, source or origin, and authorship.

If you consider that any text, image, icon, video, sound file, design, plan, map, graph, database, algorithm, slogan, computer code, etc. infringes a copyright or industrial right belonging to you, or belonging to a person you represent, you can lodge a complaint with the web page holder and, if such figures exist (check the legal notice to find out) with the webmaster and the copyright agent. When making your complaint, you must provide a) full identification details (your identity: name, surname/s, address, city, country; your unique identifier data: identity or citizen card or passport; if you are an agent or representative: a copy of the authorization or proxy of the natural or legal person); b) identification of the work whose copyright is presumably being infringed; c) material identification of the offender and the information required to locate them; d) contact information: address, telephone no. and/or email; e) a sworn declaration of your ownership and, where applicable, documents proving that you hold the rights; and f) a sworn declaration in which you state in good faith that the material does not have the authorization or license to be used. Note that in some countries, false sworn declarations can be legally pursued.

In the event of receiving a complaint due to the infringement of intellectual or industrial rights, we may directly proceed to withdraw the material from the public domain without this meaning that we recognize or agree to the complaint made. This removal simply means that it is quicker, cheaper, and easier to remove non-essential material from the website than it is to proceed with the defense of our rights with respect to said material. If removing the material infringes the copyright of a third party, the latter can oppose its removal by communicating their identification and contact data, identifying the material withdrawn, issuing a declaration of good faith in that an error was incurred on our part with the withdrawal and a declaration whereby they accept resolution of the conflict by the courts or arbitration tribunals corresponding to us.

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