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What can your company do with subsidiary risk?

Subsidiaries increase the attack surface of an organization and, as we were able to see at the #15ENISE conference, they are also one of the points that, according to some of the round tables, deserve the most attention to ensure that there is no weak link in the organization through which an attacker can enter.

So much so that 85% of those surveyed by Osterman Research believe that the risk of subsidiaries is in the top 10 security risks.

🤷♀️ But how can we manage this risk?

📍 By obtaining useful information for the job.

📍 By reducing false positives.

📍 By reducing manual effort.

📍 Consolidating tools that facilitate the work.

⚒️ Cycognito solves one of the fundamental problems by showing how attackers see your organisation, how they are most likely to get in, and how you can eliminate exposure, including from subsidiary environments.

📔 If you find this topic as interesting as I do, you can download the full Osterman Research report here.

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