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Ransomwhere: a project to create a worldwide database of ransomware payments

💻 The generosity of the cyber world never ceases to amaze me.

The latest thing I discovered a few days ago is 'Ransomwhere' a project that seeks to create a database of Ransomware payments.

🌐 The website was launched a couple of months ago and allows victims of Ransomware attacks to upload a copy of the ransom note and the Bitcoin address where the payment was made.

👨💻 The creator of the platform, Jack Cable, aims to provide free, public, and up-to-date data on ransomware payments, in order to understand the impact of the threat and to check whether mitigation measures are being effective or not.

💰 According to current data, more than $50 million in ransomware has been paid out this past year!

🦹♀️ Ransomware attacks have undoubtedly become a very profitable business for criminals and a worrying threat to organizations worldwide, which is why projects like this one are of great help.

Do you also believe that in the world of cybersecurity there is great generosity?

Find here the link to the platform and some extra info 💬

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