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Having trouble remembering passwords? Microsoft have made available passwordless authentication

Actualizado: 22 sept 2021

Are you tired of remembering so many passwords? And of having to change them regularly to maintain an appropriate level of security? ๐Ÿค”

I must confess that it takes me time to manage all my passwords because they are so many, and I don't want to use any method that can be broken. โณ

Microsoft wants to make me happy because they have announced today that they have made available to all users passwordless authentication. ๐Ÿ”“

It means users will from now be able to authenticate via:

๐Ÿ” Microsoft Authenticator app, a multifactor app that generates time-based codes for 2-factor authentication

๐Ÿ”. Windows Hello, available on Windows 10 devices using a PIN, facial recognition, or fingerprint,

๐Ÿ”. A security key, a physical device with a unique code inside.

๐Ÿ”. Verification codes that the app sends you via phone/email

However, you will still need a password to manage your account and change the security settings, such as activating a secure key or returning to use a password.๐Ÿ—

Some methods, such as the biometric ones on Windows Hellow, will provide a much better experience and faster access to the applications. ๐Ÿ‘†

Still, some, like Alexandre BLANC argue that cybercriminals can sniff codes sent by SMS or email quite easily. ๐Ÿ“ญ

Or some question what would happen if cybercriminals manage to hack Microsoft authenticator. ๐Ÿงจ

Microsoft has indicated they will offer passwordless to all the users following a cadence of several weeks from now. When passwordless authentication is available to you, will you adopt or maintain a hygienical use of passwords? ๐Ÿค”.

You are welcome to share your point of view. โœ’๏ธ

Find here the link to the Microsoft announcement and to Bleeping Computer's article!

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