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Cybersecurity ecosystem for vendors

Accelerate market penetration for Cybersecurity Solutions in Europe.

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Cybersecurity ecosystem for Enterprises

Identify disruptive, niche, cybersecurity solutions to build an ubiquitous defense


Identify the best niche and disruptive cybersecurity solutions and bring them to customers, facilitating vendors a fast and direct approach to Enterprise customers and partners in Southern Europe.



Identify disruptive cybersecurity start-ups


Help start-ups identify selling points and potential market niches


Represent disruptive start-ups in building bridges and channels with enterprises


Walk businesses through business expansion and market discovery


Create an ecosystem aligning vendors, partners, and en-users best interesting a competitive way

About us


  • '+25 years' experience selling high-end IT and security solutions to large enterprise.

  • Direct approach to Enterprise customers on a direct touch model, leveraging partners for specialized customer engineering, delivery and services.

  • Unique prospecting and sales approach based on customer value.

  • Detailed reporting of pipeline and status of opportunities.

  • Time to market acceleration.

  • Flexible cost structure that adapts to revenue generation.

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  • 15 Years experience as CISO advisors assisting them in assessing needs and finding solutions.

  • Helping them to navigate through the 350 cybersecurity start-ups ecosystem, and identifying those of value to their business.

  • Accompanying them in their purchasing process, facilitating customization of solution, use cases and negotiation.

  • Making it work with the system integrators and partners already in the customer ecosystem.

  • Working as an active CISO and security advisor related to the application of technology to address cybersecurity challenges.




With multicloud environments, the ubiquity of users, and personal devices capable of storing data locally, the security of data across their lifecycle has become a nightmare for CISOs and DPOs.

AREXDATA comes to alleviate this problem by discovering, and classifying data, enforcing policies, monitoring data usage, user roles and permissions, and preventing and detecting violations.

It helps to protect critical data and comply with GDPR.


Applivery is a UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) platform that was created to address the deployment, management, and security challenges of Apple, Android, and Windows devices within any organization in a simple, effective, and cost-efficient manner.

Through its intuitive dashboard and templates, Applivery facilitates device management and compliance with the strictest security measures. Devices can be configured and deployed automatically, without the need for IT department intervention.



Cycognito is an external attack surface management platform that will help your company discover previously unknown exposed assets, prioritize risks, and accelerate remediation.

With Cycognito you will be able to see what attackers see, take full control over your attack surface by uncovering and eliminating critical security risks.



ConcealBrowse converts any browser into a secure browser and protects the user from advanced attacks that bypass other security controls by isolating threats from reaching endpoint devices.

It works as a lightweight browser extension that installs in seconds and protects end-user devices from ransomware, credential theft, and other browsing risks while maintaining a seamless user experience.


99% of web pages are not fully compliant with privacy regulations.


Lex4web has been created to provide Website owners full compliance with privacy regulations and childhood protection in 250 jurisdictions worldwide.


It does this via a consent management banner offered as a SaaS service that recognizes the user's jurisdiction and dynamically adapts legal texts and behaviors to it.



USB is the preferred vector of attack to introduce malware in industrial and critical infrastructure environments because of its capability to bypass traditional defenses.

AuthUSB offers three levels of protection against this threat: Hardware, Electrical, and Software protection.

It does that via the SafeDoor, a small hardware device, plus a management console and a variety of use cases adapted to every environment. 


Companies don't encrypt data due to the many restrictions and drawbacks imposed by current encryption solutions. This is why we see so many data breaches of sensitive data.

Vaultree comes to solve this problem with its patented technology that allows fully functional encryption of data in use.

It does that by an SDK that is inserted in between the application and the database.

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