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Cybersecurity ecosystem for vendors

Accelerate market penetration for Cybersecurity Solutions in Europe.

Our Mission:

  • Identify the best niche and disruptive cybersecurity solutions and bring them to customers, facilitating to vendors a fast and direct approach to Enterprise customers and partners in Southern Europe.

Our Approach:

  • Identify the most innovative emergig solutions, covering gaps in the cybersecurity ecosystem, that need to accelerate their presence in Southern Europe.

  • Identify the highest potential customers for our vendor's solutions in the market and approach them directly and via partners.

  • Identify the best partners for our vendor's solutions in the territory and engage with them.

  • Our unique sales process is based in customer value, customer experience, and acompanying them in their purchasing process.

  • Track sales progress continuously via our reporting and analytics, and conduct forecast calls to provide full visibility to our vendors.

  • Engage C-levels customers with vendor´s executives to gain commitment and trust.

Why vendors choose us:

  • '+25 years' experience selling high-end IT and security solutions to large enterprise.

  • Direct approach to Enterprise customers on a direct touch model, leveraging partners for specialized customer engineering, delivery and services.

  • Unique prospecting and sales approach based on customer value.

  • Detailed reporting of pipeline and status of opportunities.

  • Time to market acceleration.

  • Flexible cost structure that adapts to revenue generation.

Why customers choose us:

  • '15 Years experience as CISO advisors assisting them in assesing needs and finding solutions.

  • Helping them to navigate through the 350 cybersecurity start-ups ecosystem, and identifying those of value to their business.

  • Acompanying them in their purchasing process, faclitating cutomization of solution, use cases and negotiation.

  • Making it work with the system integrators and partners already in the customer ecosystem.

  • Working as an active CISO and security advisor related to the application of technology to address cybersecurity challenges.