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Yadex issue raises the question: Is your organization prepare to prevent insider threats?

A Yandex employee has been caught selling 4887 customer email inboxes. 📫

The company has responded to the incident with an internal investigation and changes to administrative procedures. 🔎

The insider threat has always been considered by CISO's as the higher threat. This case is one more call to action on that front. 💆

The article, by Ravie Lakshmanan for The Hacker News also reveals other recent cases of insiders compromising data or committing fraud, at ADT, Webex, Amazon, and Trend Micro. 🤓 A proof that even companies with a high reputation, strong security policies, and best HR practices, can fall victims to insider threats. 💣

Do administrators in your organization have access to customer data? 🔐

What measures can be taken to protect against the insider threat? 🤔


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