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Some reasons why, as a salesperson, your brand should have a strong presence in social media.

Nobody questions the value of Social Media Marketing in B2C. ūüĎ©

From discovering a brand to having an interest in a brand to having an intent around the brand. These are the steps in B2C social media selling.

But do these same dynamics work in B2B? ūüŹ≠

According to HubSpot, 76% of B2B buyers are ready to have sales conversations on social media. And out of them LinkedIn is the winner with an engagement rate of 3.53%. They also allow targeting people with specific seniority, job title, and company. ūüó£

Dom Nicastro quotes some experts and discusses effective tips in CMSWire: ūü§ď

ūüĆź Defining personas is key to determine the right platform, (Abhi Jadhav)

ūüĆź Engaging your Social C-suite executives with prospects (Carter Hostelley)

ūüĆź Showcasing employees to let customers see the people behind the brand

ūüĆź Engaging with video on short clips to grab people's attention (Phil Strazzulla)

ūüĆź Generate Account-Based Marketing Programs with a multichannel strategy (Vivianne Costa)

At the end of the day behind the Business-to-Business, there is always a person-to-person connection. ūü•į

Do you, as an enterprise buyer engage with persons from vendors on SN? ūüĎ•

As a salesperson do you develop and nurture connections with customers on SN? ūüĎ•


Dorm Nicastro's article: https://www.cmswire.com/digital-marketing/whats-working-in-b2b-social-media-marketing/

LinkedIn post and comments: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/juanjomartinezpagan_b2bsales-socialnetworks-persontoperson-activity-6765921260355506176-DS9e

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