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Some reasons why, as a salesperson, your brand should have a strong presence in social media.

Nobody questions the value of Social Media Marketing in B2C. 👩

From discovering a brand to having an interest in a brand to having an intent around the brand. These are the steps in B2C social media selling.

But do these same dynamics work in B2B? 🏭

According to HubSpot, 76% of B2B buyers are ready to have sales conversations on social media. And out of them LinkedIn is the winner with an engagement rate of 3.53%. They also allow targeting people with specific seniority, job title, and company. 🗣

Dom Nicastro quotes some experts and discusses effective tips in CMSWire: 🤓

🌐 Defining personas is key to determine the right platform, (Abhi Jadhav)

🌐 Engaging your Social C-suite executives with prospects (Carter Hostelley)

🌐 Showcasing employees to let customers see the people behind the brand

🌐 Engaging with video on short clips to grab people's attention (Phil Strazzulla)

🌐 Generate Account-Based Marketing Programs with a multichannel strategy (Vivianne Costa)

At the end of the day behind the Business-to-Business, there is always a person-to-person connection. 🥰

Do you, as an enterprise buyer engage with persons from vendors on SN? 👥

As a salesperson do you develop and nurture connections with customers on SN? 👥


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