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Security mobile issues you should have your eyes on.

II am curious today and willing to know more about the risks that mobile phones represent for organizations. Mobile device utilization for corporate work is increasing with pandemics. Still, only 60% use mobile security solutions, according to ZIMPERIUM.

🤓 @ JR Raphael offers in CSO an excellent summary of 8 areas of security risk to address in mobile devices:

📌 Social engineering. Users are three times more likely to respond to a phishing attack on a mobile device.

📌 Data leakage. Users use to download or share data from apps they use on mobility.

📌 WiFi interference, with typical man-in-the-middle attacks

📌 Out-of-Date devices, not having installed the latest security patches.

📌 Poor password hygiene: Weak or old passwords that haven't been changed in a long time

📌. Mobile Ad Fraud: malware installed in the phone to generate false clicks on adds

📌 Physical device breaches: A device lost or stolen containing sensitive data.

You are welcome to mention in the comments other mobile security threats not included here.

Has your organization put in place a mobile security solution for both company-owned and user-owned devices

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