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Secure File Sharing tool have been hacked

Actualizado: 3 mar 2021

Secure File Sharing tools allow employees to collaborate with third parties by sharing files and information in secure ways. 🤝

Accellion content firewalls are a leading solution in this space. 🔒

A cybercrime group called UNC2546 has found and exploited since mid-December 4 vulnerabilities to steal data that they threaten to make public if not paid a ransom: 💰

🦠. CVE-2021-27101 - SQL injection via a crafted Host header

🦠. CVE-2021-27102 - OS command execution via a local web service call

🦠. CVE-2021-27103 - SSRF via a crafted POST request

🦠. CVE-2021-27104 - OS command execution via a crafted POST request

Accellion has issued patches to fix all of them in their File Transfer Appliance.🛡 Still, before that, 25 customers seem to have suffered significant data theft, according to Ravie Lakshmanan in his article for The Hacker News. 🤓

In your opinion securing need-to-be-shared information is more a matter of policies and procedures or tools? 🤔

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