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New malware targetting Apple M1's chip

New malware targetting Apple M1's chip has recently been discovered. 🧨

Not only are developers building new versions of their apps to adapt them to Apple's new chip, but also bad actors are adapting their malicious software to better perform with the new hardware. 🛠

🦠 GoSearch22 adware seems to be a legitimate Safari extension, which in reality serves links to malicious sites that would upload additional malware.

🦠 Silver Sparrow has already infected 29,139 Macs in the US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany. The malware regularly contacts an external Command and Control server from where the malicious code can be downloaded and executed at any time.

Ravie Lakshmanan is covering each in two articles for The Hacker News. I provide you the links in the comments below. ⬇️

The good news is that both malware can be prevented by most standard endpoint security and network security solutions if deployed and configured properly. 🛡

Have the cybersecurity tools you use being deployed and configured by a cybersecurity professional? 👮‍♀️


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