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Is it possible to protect our knowledge from malicious activities?

Imagine a piece of fake news with an apparent scientific foundation saying that COVID vaccines are dangerous. The consequences of people giving trust to such news can be dramatic. 🦠

However, fake news is spread today on the internet and social media in massive amounts. 📣

This is why epistemic security has become a matter of research of the greatest attention. 🔎

We have well-developed Home security, policemen, private security, and tools to protect our possessions. 👮

We have a well-developed Cybersecurity with tools and millions of professionals working to keep our IT assets safe, 🛡

But we don't have a system and tools for epistemic security to keep our knowledge safe. 📬

Elizabeth Seger, a researcher of the University of Cambridge, addresses this topic in the BBC. 🤓

How can we protect public knowledge from malicious manipulations? 🤔

Should we put in place mechanisms to control the veracity of information? 🤔


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