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Is it possible to protect our knowledge from malicious activities?

Imagine a piece of fake news with an apparent scientific foundation saying that COVID vaccines are dangerous. The consequences of people giving trust to such news can be dramatic. ūü¶†

However, fake news is spread today on the internet and social media in massive amounts. ūüď£

This is why epistemic security has become a matter of research of the greatest attention. ūüĒé

We have well-developed Home security, policemen, private security, and tools to protect our possessions. ūüĎģ

We have a well-developed Cybersecurity with tools and millions of professionals working to keep our IT assets safe, ūüõ°

But we don't have a system and tools for epistemic security to keep our knowledge safe. ūüď¨

Elizabeth Seger, a researcher of the University of Cambridge, addresses this topic in the BBC. ūü§ď

How can we protect public knowledge from malicious manipulations? ūü§Ē

Should we put in place mechanisms to control the veracity of information? ūü§Ē


Elisabeth Seger's article: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20210209-the-greatest-security-threat-of-the-post-truth-age

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