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Is Cybersecurity Tech the new Gold Rush?

Actualizado: 9 feb 2021

Of more than 21000 cybersecurity startups, 1653 have received funding in the last twelve months. 💰

Louis Columbus is sharing this data in his article for Forbes. 🤓

According to a Crunchbase query that he mentions, $10 Billion has been invested in 2019 only.

CB Insights estimates the combined business of data security, IT governance, risk measurement, and data compliance will be $300B by 2025. 🚀

This abundance of disruptive technologies in the field makes adamant the job of cybersecurity professionals, who need to identify them. 🤔

The article offers a selection of cybersecurity startups to watch. I have include it in the comments below for your reference. ⬇️

What is, in your opinion, the best way for Enterprises to identify the appropriate cybersecurity solutions they need? 💡

Do you think that professional associations such us ISMS Forum or AUTELSI Asociación Española de Usuarios can help? 🏛


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Feb 08, 2021

This is our first post. We are going to publish interesting cybersecurity content regularly.

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