SonicWall has been fighting the cyber-criminal industry for over 25 years defending businesses of all sizes and industries worldwide. With more than 1 Million firewalls deployed worldwide their Capture Reseach Labs Threat Network provide unique advanced intelligence, that they leverage through all their solutions: Firewalls and network security, Cloud Application Security, Secure Mobile Acces, Email Security and Secure WiFi.



Cycognito is an external attack surface management platform that will help your company discover previously unknown exposed assets, prioritize risks, and accelerate remediation.

With Cycognito you will be able to see what attackers see., take full control over your attack surface by uncovering and eliminating critical security risks.



Ironchip is providing very strong account credentials protection, adding to the MultiFactor authentication methods, their exclusive anti-hacker precise geolocation technology. Based on this they have created strong authentication solutions and use cases tailored to Different Industries.